1998/1999 will be only the second year Windows NT Workstation 4.0 will be available to students of Computer Science.  Due to the years of predominance UNIX has played in Computer Science we do not have documentation done for Windows NT here at McGill Computer Science.  The popularity of Windows 95/NT GUI makes navigating options and menus relatively easy for Windows 95 and earlier users ( not to mention the numerous tutorials, help screens, etc available when one hits F1 or goes to help ).

What we can offer instead is some useful web links and newsgroups concerning Windows NT.  At worst, there is always the Microsoft site on Windows NT.



There is no way anyone can document all of the functionality of Windows NT.  Try these sites and always be on the lookout for new ones.  If you can suggest a good one please email us!

Web Links Description
Windows NT Sites A list of useful Windows NT Sites
Windows NT FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) A general purpose FAQ which will answer most newcomer questions about NT
Windows NT Resource Center Programs, drivers, etc for Windows NT
NT Webring NT websites with a link to each other to form a ring.
Microsoft's Windows NT website Microsoft's own page on Windows NT

Here are a few newsgroups for Windows NT users.  The people reading on the newsgroups are generally friendly and just by reading some of the problems you can get a solution.


Description General Windows NT newsgroup Administrative problems Miscellaneous NT stuff Concerning setting up NT
microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc Miscellaneous NT stuff

There are more newsgroups that can be listed here but the few listed above will give you a start on understanding if a particular newsgroup is useful. If you know of useful newsgroups and/or web sites please fill out our form.