It is quite impossible to list all of the links out there.  We just hope these links prove useful to you and if you find other useful sites please feel free to email us. If you don't know anything about newsgroups try [[[ link to newsgroup section ]]].

Link Description
Debian GNU/Linux The definitive source for information about the Debian flavour of UNIX
Computer Science FAQ Our very own FAQ about how UNIX is implemented here at CS
Linux Documentation Project A huge undertaking to document Linux
Unix Guru Universe Advanced UNIX functionality



An important form of communication of course information are newsgroups.   What are newsgroups?  Consider it a repetoir of emails stored on a server, which anyone with a newsreader or browser can download to take a look at and respond to.  In this way, there is a virtual conversation that goes on in an area of common interest.   Posting to newsgroups means you are announcing your opinions/feelings/questions out to the world.  Anyone can respond and read what you have to say so take care what you decide to post.

In terms of courses, newsgroups are entirely useful for professors to post assignments, solutions and sometimes even marks!  Members of the class would then download the messages and even participate with questions to the professor or to the class.  This is an often used forum for members of a particular class.  McGill Computer Science has specific newsgroups designated for courses.  Usually, the name of the newsgroup goes by the monkier[course number] where [course number] is the course number of the course. 

For example, if you were to take the computer science course 308-250 the newsgroup would refer to your class.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss the course, etc . 

There are other newsgroups which discuss topics of concern to Computer Science students.

Newsgroup Description
socs.flame Want to vent a little?  Try "flaming" someone and getting away with it.  Not suggested for the new or innocent among us.
socs.ugrads General information for undergrads Job postings occur through out the year
socs.misc Miscellaneous discussions about near anything.  Less confrontational than socs.flame and much more productive if less entertaining. Where system staff post information on changes to software in CS.
socs.system System staff post information on changes to the systems in CS.



Other newsgroups available to McGill students which may or may not be useful to you.    Newsgroups offer a good source of information and help.  Don't be afraid to post to related newsgroups ( i.e. you can consider and comp.os.linux.misc as posting to the same newsgroup as there is guaranteed to be people reading both that can answer you ).

mcgill.sus Science Undergraduate Society announcements are done here.  If you belong to the Science faculty then the SUS represents you.
mcgill.general Lots of announcements, stuff for sale, other happenings around McGill. Linux help newsgroup
comp.os.linux.misc Miscellaneous questions about Linux

If you know of better newsgroups out there, we want to know about it!  Please send us your comments for improvement!  Click here to go to our improvement form.