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SOCS Inside-Out: The Definitive Survival Guide

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Getting More Help
- Victor Lee, Nick Cabatoff, Vincent Stephen-Ong

Being able to find help on your own is an essential skill in life, let alone computer science. This section is designed to give you some pointers in the right direction. It is quite possibly the most important section of the entire Guide.

Why so important?

Well, if you can't find help on your own, you will learn to rely on the charity of other people who will not always be either available or charitable.

Additionally, giving help and instruction is an art- we have all had teachers that have run the gamut from stupendously great to downright awful. Relying on other people's information is, well, unreliable, and it will build bad habits. Learning it yourself is the best way to come to fully grasp and understand a concept. Hopefully, this section will provide you with the necessary pointers to allow you to continue onwards and take steps in the right direction.

Man Pages

  1. How to read man pages
  2. Finding man pages
  4. Manual search for man
  5. Printing man pages
  6. There's no man page for xxxxx!
  7. Do you really want man? ( alternatives to using man pages )

Windows NT Online Help

  1. Where to get help
  2. Windows NT web links

Unix Online Help

  1. Unix
  2. SOCS specific newsgroups
  3. Just damned useful newsgroups


  1. What good are they?
  2. Where is it?
  3. What can they do for me?
  4. Someone to call for help!

Useful Books

  1. Here are some good useful paper sources

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