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Oddities and Troubleshooting Vincent Stephen-Ong

* unix * It is important to note that the entirety of this section really expects that you have some Unix and/or X literacy, especially for the why it works explanations.

General Oddities

There are a couple of things that are generally odd about the way things work on the systems available at SOCS, particularly on the Unix machines if you are not used to their idiosyncrasies

X-Windows Oddities

X can sometimes be a bit of a temperamental beast; here a few taming tips.

SOCS Oddities

There are a few things that you will find, over the course of your time at SOCS, don't quite operate the way you might expect or that operate in a way that is peculiar to SOCS. The purpose of this section is to save you some frustration and point them out for you ahead of time.

SOCS Defaults and Miscellaneous Issues

It is quite useful to be aware of what the default configuration files are and where they are located on the SOCS systems.