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SOCS Inside-Out: The Definitive Survival Guide

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UNIXhelp - internet and communication - linux ppp - oddities
General Computing Tips
- Steve Robbins, Vincent Stephen-Ong, Sandra Polifroni, Fred Hinton

General tips for Unix, via a customized version of a popular online reference manual.
topics covered: Tasks, Commands, Concepts, Utilities

Internet and Communication
There's a lot more to the Internet and electronic communication than web browsing- and if you learn how to use them properly, much of it can be developed into invaluable tools.
topics covered: WWW

Connecting with Linux via PPP to DAS
If you're a Linux user, and you're having trouble setting up your connection to DAS, this section should make things easier.

Oddities and Troubleshooting
This section describes most of the weird or otherwise unexpected behaviour that you might find on your way through SOCS and solutions, wherever they are known.

It also describes a few things that are SOCS-specific, such as the locations of the SOCS default configuration files.

Contents - Verbose - Glossary
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