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Polyhedral Computation FAQ
This is an FAQ of geometric computation, focused on Convex Hull, Vertex Enumeration, Voronoi Diagram, Delaunay Triangulation computation in general dimensions. Two versions: html version or pdf file. A revised version released on June 18, 2004.

Updates of Polyhedral Computation Codes
David Avis has released a new lrs version 3.2 with users' guide in html, see lrs homepage.
I have just updated cdd+ (to ver.076a), see cdd homepage. A new callable library version of cdd has been released on December 2001 as cddlib-092a.
International Congress of Mathematical Software, 2002
A Satellite Conference of ICM 2002, Beijing, August 17-19, 2002. call for papers.
Polytope Movie Page (Just for Fun)
Click here for a show. Hopefully I will have time to extend it...

Komei Fukuda
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Last updated: 2001-12-28