Polytope Movie Page (Hypercubes)

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[A projection of the 11-cube]

A 3-dimensional projection of the 11-dimensional hypercube. The projection was written in Mathematica by Russell Towle using Zonotope function of UnfoldPolyhedra package by Makoto Namiki and KF.


The 1-skeleton (wireframe) of the projected 11-cube.


The graph of the projected 11-cube. The drawing was automatically made by the function RankedEmbedding of Steven Skiena's Combinatorica package for Mathematica.


Unfolding of the projected 11-cube. This was created by the UnfoldPolytope package. Make a paper model with an accurate postscript file.

The movies above have been created by the polyhedral computation code cdd+, Mathematica and Oliver Knill's package GMT (GifMovieTool). cdd/cdd+ packages contain vertex files of the polytopes above.

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Last updated: September 16, 1998