About me.

I am currently an undergraduate Honours Cognitive Science major at McGill University, focusing in computer science and linguistics. I work as a research assistant at the Montreal Language Modeling Lab (MLML). I am interested in natural language processing and computation linguistics. My personal research interests lie in unsupervised models of language; specifically, I want to take advantage of the successes of deep learning to make better unsupervised algorithms for natural language processing. I am currently working on a variational inference algorithm for a model of language acquisition, which I describe in my thesis.

Recent Work

Honours Thesis

I describe a variational inference scheme and novel phonological system for the Unsupervised Lexicon Discovery model presented by Lee et al. (2015)

Montreal AI Symposium poster

A poster describing the work laid out in my thesis, presented at the Montreal AI Symposium (2017) with Emily Kellison-Linn.

ARIA research poster

A poster I was invited to present at the McGill Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Research Event (2017) on my experience as an ARIA (Arts Research Internship Award) recipient.