Probabilistic Reasoning in AI (COMP-526)

Winter 2004


General Information

Where: Burnside Hall, Room 1B24.

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:35-2:25pm.

What: One of the primary goals of AI is the design, control and analysis of agents or systems that behave appropriately in a variety of circumstances. Good decision making often requires the existence of knowledge or beliefs about the agent's environment, as well as about its own abilities to observe and change the environment, and about its own goals and preferences. In this course we will examine computational approaches for modeling the environment and solving decision problems. We will focus mainly on probabilistic models of reasoning, and on sequential decision making.

The course is intended for advanced undergraduate students and for graduate students, and will provide an introduction to the on-going research in the field of reasoning under uncertainty, which has been very active during the last decade. We will cover the following topics:


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