Software for 308-766B

This page contains pointers to machine learning programs that we will be using during this class.

C4.5 decision tree construction algorithm due to Ross Quinlan.
In order to install the program, please do the following steps:

  1. Download the archive file from the link above
  2. To extract the files, do:
    tar xvf c4.5.tar
  3. Go into the c4.5 directory that got created and read the ReadMe and LEGAL files
  4. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe file to compile the code and create the executable files
  5. Read the man pages available in the c4.5/Doc directory to find out how to run the different programs.
Note: This is a slightly altered version of Quinlan's original code, in order to compile correctly on the SOCS machines. If you have any problems compiling or running the code, please contact me for assistance.

Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
Follow the steps on the web page

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