Machine Learning Resources

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Reinforcement Learning Book
Reinforcement Learning Survey
Learning Dynamical Systems
Introduction to Neural Networksat IDSIA
Another Introduction to Neural Networks
New Book on Neural Networks by Kevin Gurney
Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms by David McKay
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification by D.Michie, D.J. Spiegelhalter, C.C. Taylor (eds), 1994.
An Introduction to Pattern Recognition: Statistical, Neural Net and Syntactic methods of getting robots to see and hear
Evaluation of Learning Algorithms


Machine Learning
Journal of Machine Learning Research
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Journal of Aritficial Intelligence Research
IEEE Neural Networks Concil (contains links to several journals)
Artificial Intelligence


International Conference on Machine Learning
AAAI Meetings
Neural Information Processing Systems
Computational Learning Theory
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
European Conference on Machine Learning


Computational Intelligence Links by Andres Perez-Uribe
Reinforcement Learning Repository
Support Vector Machines and related methods
Boosting and related methods
Computational Learning Theory
Genetic Programming
Data Mining
ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Data and Data Mining
Knowledge Discovery in Databases
CMU AI Repository
AI Resources from NRC.


UCI machine learning repository
KDD Databases
Boston University Data


Machine learning software in Java
Neural Java
Portable AI Laboratory


Game Playing
Forecasting applications
Glove Talk
NeuroSolutions Applications Corner
Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry
Forecasting in Financial Markets
Information Retrieval
Inverse Protein Folding
Papers on Combinatorial Optimzation
Handwriting Recognition Using a Neural Network Character Classifier
The Science of Audio Based Brainwave Entrainment
Boltzmann applications
Neurocomputing in Geography
A Comparison of Classification in Artificial Intelligence, Induction versus Neural Networks (chemistry application)
Self-Adaptive 3-D Reconstruction from Binocular Vision using a Blind Source Separation Approach
Applications Links

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