Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar
Monday, Feb. 8th, 2010
Models and Methods for the Judge Assignment Problem
Amina Lamghari
The judge assignment problem is a practical combinatorial optimization problem. It consists of determining which judges to assign to each individual competition of a tournament such as to satisfy to the best extent possible the objectives fixed by the organizers. We illustrate the judge assignment problem in the particular case of the John Molson International case competition that takes place every year at Concordia University. We consider first the problem for a round because the solution methods will be used afterward to solve the whole problem for several rounds. The constraints taken into account, their nature, their complexity, as well as the horizon of the assignment are as many elements which distinguish these two problems. We propose mathematical models to formulate them, and methods based on metaheuristics to solve them. Computational experiments indicate the efficiency of the proposed approach. One of the developed methods has been embedded into user-friendly software, which has enabled substantial savings in organizers time and given more evenly better assignments.

(Joint work with Jacques A. Ferland)