DMO Seminar - Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Schedule

The Multicolour Ramsey Number of a Long Odd Cycle
Jozef Skokan   September 12th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
On the Coppersmith-Winograd approach to matrix multiplication
Yuval Filmus   September 15th   4pm   TBD   abstract
Symmetric Sums of Squares
Annie Raymond   September 19th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Blind, Greedy, and Random: Ordinal Approximation Algorithms for Matching and Clustering
Elliot Anshelevich   October 3rd   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Nonsmooth Optimization
Mike Overton   October 24th   3pm   Burnside 920   abstract
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