Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar

Juan Carlos Vera
Carnegie Melon University
Monday December 5th at 4.30pm
Burnside 1205

Title. Variations of the preferential attachment model.

Abstract. The preferential attachment graph is a dynamically evolving random graph. At each time step a new node is added. This new node
chooses, at random, m existing nodes to connect to. For every existing node the probability of being chosen is proportional to its degree.
This random graph was proposed as a model for large networks and in particular for the web by Barabasi and Albert (1999). It has been
intensively studied since then. We study variations and extensions to the basic model, as the influence of random deletions of edges
and vertices, the influence of deletions done by an attacker, and the influence of search engines.
This is joint work with C. Cooper, A. Flaxman and A. Frieze.