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80-150 The Nature of Reason

Summer Two 2001, Dirk Schlimm
Homework No. 21
Thursday, August 2 
  1. Reading.

    TTT on computability, Gödel's theorems, and Chuch's thesis: pages 301-315.

  2. Review question (2 points)

    • TTT, page 336, no.1

  3. Reflections (8 points)

    Imagine you are on the phone with your little sister, who is a freshman in high school. She asked you what you were doing and you told her that you are studying for the course on the nature of reason. ``Wow'', she says, ``you have been through high school and you still need to take a course like that? What have you learned so far that you didn't know already before?''

    What would you answer her? (Your answer should be at least a page long.)

    In order to answer this question, please don't just write down a few sentences from the top of your head, but carefully go through your journal and reflect on what you've learned in this course. Keep track of what was new to you, and what you found interesting. (This is a good opportunity to check the contents of your journal and bring them up to date.)