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80-150 The Nature of Reason

Summer Two 2001, Dirk Schlimm
Homework No. 15
Monday, July 23 
  1. Reading.

    TTT, Chapter 7, pages 167-179.

  2. Newton's Bucket experiment. (4 points)

    • Explain in your own words Newton's bucket experiment.
    • Explain what Newton concluded from the observations of the rotating bucket, i.e., what was the claim he wanted to support, and what is the argument for supporting that claim?

  3. Rules for reasoning. (3 points)

    • State Newton's rules for reasoning in your own words.
    • Briefly discuss whether you agree that the rule should be accepted as a general rule for reasoning.

  4. Verification and falsification. (3 points)

    • TTT, p.179, no.1.