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  • Related courses at McGill

  • Phil 210 Deductive Logic
  • Phil 411 Topics in Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
  • Phil 511 Seminar: Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

  • Comp 230 Logic and Computability
  • Comp 280 History and Philosophy of Computing
  • Comp 426 Automated Reasoning

  • Math 318 Mathematical Logic
  • Math 338 History and Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Math 591 Mathematical Logic

  • See also the Computation and Logic Group, at the School of Computer Science, McGill.
  • For more on Gödel, check out the April 2006 edition of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society

  • Have a look at The FOM Archives if you want to know what experts on the foundations of mathematics talk about these days.

  • See who are the Mathematicians of the Day.

  • On learning mathematics and proofs. Professor Hodges has a nice short paper Psychologists' tips on how and how not to learn, which you can download from his webpage.

  • More logic:

  • Want to know more systems of logic? Have a look at John Halleck's collection of Logic Systems.

  • Professor Peter Suber's course Logical Systems covers similar ground as does our course. He has extensive notes on topics such as mathematical induction, non-standard logics, and A crash course on the mathematics of infinite sets, which you might find interesting.

    See also his article on the Löwenheim-Skolem Theorem (including Skolem's Paradox).

  • The Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has very well-written and comprehensive articles about logic and philosophers we've heard about in this course.

  • Historical texts:

  • The Mathematical Problems of David Hilbert. Contains a link to an English translation of Hilbert's 1900 address in which he formulated his famous 23 problems, as well as to other interesting articles regarding the problems.

  • LaTeX:

  • LaTeX - A document preparation system
  • LaTeX for Logicians (introduction, packages, etc.: all you need, and more!)
  • The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) is the authoritative collection of materials related to the TeX typesetting system.
  • FAQ (in French).
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