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COMP 612              Principles of Database Programming                  Week 3

				   Assignment 2

Express the data of the Cars database as a relation. Use your understanding of
the meaning of the data to decompose the relation into three relations. Indicate
the keys in each case. Show the decomposition of each of these relations into
binary relations. Invent some data of your own (making reasonable and consistent
assumptions if necessary, and stating them explicitly) and use this to give
examples of the table, graph and (where possible) matrix forms of all the 
relations you discuss.

Compute, for your examples, all natural joins of your three relations
from the original decomposition.

Shared marks for shared work: assignments should be your own work; marks
for joint assignments will be divided by the number of collaborators.
But please feel free to work in groups to learn or for extra work that
is not for marks. HINT: treat your own work for marks as top secret; treat
others' work, if you come across it, as personal and private to them.