McGill University
School of Computer Science

Computer Science 308-575A
Fundamentals of Distributed Algorithms

Handin Tips: When you are ready to submit your project works (program sources, some test files, and others), we strongly recommend to use "handin" program. The usage of the command is as follows: "handin cs575 proj1 your-project-works."

You should precisely type "handin cs575 proj1" for the first project case as same as the above usage. In the argument of "your-project-works", you have to specify file name(s), not directory name containing your programs. For example, If you want to hand in a file called "sim.tar.gz" file, just type "handin cs575 proj1 sim.tar.gz." That's it.

If you want to submit the project and implementation descriptions (not program sources) with a hardcopy, it would be also allowable. In this case, just give them to the TA (Room.: MC 107) directly.

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