McGill University
School of Computer Science
Computer Science Comp-573
3 credits, 3 hours per week

Students will learn architectural concepts of microprocessors and assembler languages. This includes both theoretical foundations and practical experience. Students will also be required to complete a team project (which include a written report, an oral presentation and a non-trivial amount of programming).

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Current Course Instructor(s): Professeor Gerald Ratzer

Congratulation to the winners of the 2004 People's Choice Awards

Every year, students are asked to evaluate the presentation and the projects of their peers. Students receiving the highest grades from their peers are awarded the People's Choice Awards.

1st place: VM - Risc
Mathieu Courtemanche

2nd place: Jutebox for Palm OS
Paul Kolesnik
Francois Thibault

2nd place: Cash register software
David Adler

3rd place: Tag! You're it!
Bill Cheung

2003 People's Choice Awards

1st place: 3D walk-through maze
Ghodrat, Amir
Rojas, Andrea Natalia

2nd place: Game Boy Advance Game
Hebert, Olivier
Martineau, Felix

3rd place: Game Performance Tracker Game Performance Tracker
He, Chang Huan
Wong, Oliver

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