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Computer Science 308-538B
Person-machine Communication

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Instructor(s): Cameron Hayne

  • Description:
    Theory and practice of the design, implementation, and evaluation of human-computer interfaces.
  • Prerequisites:
      The prerequisite courses are officially 308-302 and 308-251 but we will not really be depending on any of the content of these courses. Instead, what is required is a certain maturity of experience in computer science - that is what the prerequisites are intended to assure.
  • Lectures:
    TTh 1:00-2:30 Macdonald Engineering 276
  • Lecturer:
      Cameron Hayne
      email: hayne@sympatico.ca
      phone: 840-1235 ext 3230
      Please make appointment if you need to meet the professor
  • Teaching Assistants:
      Xing Yu
      email: xyu@cs.mcgill.ca
      phone: 398-7071 ext 5925
      office hours: Monday 1:00-3:00 in McConnell 323
  • Marking Scheme: assignments 100%
    • assignment1: 20 %
    • assignment2: 20 %
    • assignment3: 20 %
    • assignment4: 40 %
  • Textbook: (recommended, not required: provides background reading
    "Human-Computer Interaction" by Jenny Preece et al
  • Tutorial on Java:
  • Course Topics:
    • Taxonomy of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction)
    • Importance of HCI
    • Understanding users and their tasks
    • UI (user-interface) design principles
    • UI design techniques
    • Input devices & output devices
    • Implementing user-interfaces: architectures and common platforms
    • Introduction to Java
    • UI style guides
    • UI patterns
    • UI evaluation techniques
    • Development contexts and software engineering
    • Formalisms for UI specification
    • Usability standards
    • History of HCI
    • Future of HCI

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