Assignments & Stuff

The assignments are to be done in groups of 2-4 people. It is up to you to organize your own group and to designate one person as group spokesperson. This spokesperson should send me (by email) a list of the people in the group (names and student id's). It is preferable, although not required, to have the same group for all of the assignments.

Handing in Assignments

Your assignments in this class are due by 5pm on the date indicated on the assignment. After this, 5 marks (out of 100) will be deducted per school day the assignments are late. Weekends count as two days. (eg: Due on Tuesday, handing on Tuesday after 5pm or any time on Wednessday means you lose 5 points, Thursday 10 points, Monday 30 points, etc...) Note that we reserve the right to refuse any submissions that come in after the assignment has been marked and returned. For assignment 3, the penalty will be 2 out of 100 per day until Mar.20. After that, 5 out of 100 penalty will apply.

Submit timely assignments to the TAs, Pr. Hayne or the CS 538 drop-off box on the 1st floor by the labs. When submitting late assignments, please give them to Pr. Hayne, the TAs or put them in the drop-off box and be sure to send an e-mail to let the TA know when you put them in. please DO NOT hand them in at the CS office (Rm 318).