WF 2:05pm--3:25pm, Trottier 1100


Prof. Brigitte Pientka (bpientka at cs dot mcgill dot ca)


Themes of the Course

Language-based security relies on techniques from programming languages and type systems to enforce safety policies in networked computing environments. This course looks at advanced principles of programming languages and type systems. In particular, we discuss mathematical foundations such as type systems, lambda calculus, underlying the theory and practice of functional programming, as well as programming with dependent types and proofs.

Prerequisites: This course is for graduate students and advanced undergraduates who wish to pursue research in programming languages and type systems. It will assume a basic knowledge of types and functional programming (at the level of COMP-302).

"An ideal language allows us to express easily what is useful for the programming task, and at the same time makes it difficult to write what leads to incomprehensible or incorrect programs." (Nico Haberman)

"On theories such as these we cannot rely. Proof we need. Proof!" (Yoda, Jedi Master)

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