deliverable: compiler

You must check in the final source code for your compiler. This includes a Makefile or a build.xml file and a README file. Summarize the specific features that you can and cannot handle; you can describe these in more detail in your project report. Also, create a list of benchmarks that are known to work. You will want to use the WIG benchmarking scripts to test your compilers on the benchmarks from this year, as well as those from previous years and the ones in public_html/wig/examples. The most important thing is that you accept all of the benchmarks from 2009. The best compilers will accept as many benchmarks as possible, and also warn for as much potentially or actually bad code as possible. A built-in --help switch displaying compiler options is very useful, and likewise a --version command is the standard way of providing information about a program. Also, you have worked very hard on your compiler, so you should take some time to come up with a nice name for it.

You do not need to hand in any hard copy of your source code as we can simply use Subversion to access it. However, it would be worthwhile to make sure your source is formatted in a manner which makes it easy to read. This generally means running it through a tool like GNU indent (using flags that suit your preferred indentation style), and writing comments for non-obvious things and overall architectural decisions. In general, make it as easy as possible for your TA to look at and understand your code. Similarly, make it as easy as possible for your TA to figure out how to compile, install, and run WIG programs. This is typically information that your README and command line interface --help option will provide.

This deliverable is due by midnight on Friday of Week 13. Together with the report it will count for 20% of your grade. Marks will be generously deducted for late submissions.

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