This page maintains data on previous winners in competitions at McGill and Aarhus. It has not been updated since 2001, but the results of the 2008 peephole contest will be posted here.

Previous Winners

Fall   1997 (Aarhus):  Mads Johan Jurik, Jørgen Ibsen and
Jonathan Thomas Nielsen

Winter 1998 (McGill): Aline Normoyle, Sergei Savchenko and
Francois Labelle

Fall 1998 (Aarhus): Christian F.S. Laursen, Jeppe Ravn-Grove and
Klaus Andersen

Winter 1999 (McGill): Mathias Jourdain, Frederic Legare and Adam Smith

Fall 1999 (Aarhus): ???

Fall 1999 (McGill): Mark Segal, Felix Kwok and Feng Qian

Fall 2000 (Aarhus): Paulo Oliva

Fall 2000 (McGill): Genevieve ARBOIT, Jennifer Rose Thorsley and
Shashikala Sivapragasam

Fall 2001 (Aarhus): Erik Søe Sørensen, Thomas Holmen Jørgensen &&
Jacob Johannsen.

Fall 2001 (McGill): Florian Loitsch and Pierre Queinnec
Fall 2008 (McGill): Ning Jia, Alexis Malozemoff, Wei Wu

Results on Fall 2001 McGill Benchmarks

Compiler                          Total

Winner Fall01 (McGill) 22138
Javac(1.3) 23076
Winner Winter98 (McGill) 23141
Winner Fall99 (Aarhus) 23142
Winner Fall01 (Aarhus) 23152
Winner Fall99 (McGill) 23174
Winner Winter99 (McGill) 23222
Winner Fall97 (Aarhus) 23347
Winner Fall00 (McGill) 23443
Winner Fall98 (Aarhus) 23634
Winner Fall00 (Aarhus) 23991
A+ patterns 24417
A- patterns 30962
no patterns 31936

Results on Fall 2000 McGill Benchmarks

Compiler                          Total    

Winner Fall01 (McGill) 10197
Winner Fall00 (McGill) 10622
Winner Fall99 (McGill) 10705
Winner Winter98 (McGill) 10741
Javac(1.3) 10745
Winner Fall01 (Aarhus) 10752
Winner Winter99 (McGill) 10785
Winner Fall99 (Aarhus) 10838
Winner Fall97 (Aarhus) 10883
Winner Fall98 (Aarhus) 11080
Winner Fall00 (Aarhus) 11223
A+ patterns 11457
A- patterns 14698
no patterns 15116

Results on Fall 1999 McGill Benchmarks

Compiler                           Total     Total 
bytes instructions

Winner Fall01 (McGill) 8387
Winner Fall99 (McGill) 8628 4438
Winner Fall01 (Aarhus) 8645
Javac(1.1.7) 8659 4371
Winner Winter98 (McGill) 8691 4481
Winner Winter99 (McGill) 8752 4499
Winner Fall99 (Aarhus) 8831 4533
Winner Fall97 (Aarhus) 8839 4548
Winner Fall98 (Aarhus) 8906 4555
Winner Fall00 (McGill) 8977
Winner Fall00 (Aarhus) 9531
A+ patterns 9891 5146
A- patterns 12752 6941
no patterns 13084 7273

Results on Winter 1999 McGill Benchmarks

Compiler                           Total     Total 
bytes instructions

Winner Fall01 (McGill) 13798
Javac(1.1.7) 14022 7168
Winner Fall99 (McGill) 14411 7434
Winner Fall01 (Aarhus) 14269
Winner Fall99 (Aarhus) 14433 7405
Winner Winter99 (McGill) 14453 7427
Winner Winter98 (McGill) 14453 7453
Winner Fall97 (Aarhus) 14484 7472
Winner Fall00 (McGill) 14780
Winner Fall98 (Aarhus) 15173 7843
Winner Fall00 (Aarhus) 15351
A+ patterns 15900 8294
A- patterns 20958 11438
no patterns 21396 11876

Reports on Previous Competitions

Results of Fall 1997 Competition at Aarhus

The following graph shows the combined results for all project groups (sorted by total number of bytecode instructions) for the Fall '97 class at University of Aarhus. Can McGill beat them?

The winning group (16) reduced the combined code size from 21686 to 14851 bytecodes, an improvement of 32%. Fully half of the project groups did better than the A+ compiler, and a third did better than SUNs javac -O compiler (version 1.0.2).

Results of Winter 1998 Competition at McGill

  • The results of the competition were quite encouraging. On the McGill benchmarks, the winning team (team #12) used 8737 bytecode instructions, in a total of 16695 bytes. The unoptimized code takes 23781 bytes, so the winning patterns gives an overall improvement of 30%. The winning patterns also produces smaller code than javac from JDK1.1 which used 17020 bytes.
  • 12 of the 17 teams beat the A+ JOOS compiler.
  • Comparing the winning Aarhus patterns (from Fall 1997) with the winning McGill patterns, the McGill group wins on the McGill benchmarks (16975 bytes for McGill versus 17210 bytes for Aarhus), while the Aarhus group wins on the Aarhus benchmarks (22568 for McGill versus 22428 for Aarhus). Overall, combining the benchmark sets, McGill wins (39543 for McGill versus 39638 for Aarhus).
  • Combining the McGill and Aarhus patterns together gives even a better result, however the order in which they are combined does have some effect.
  • The postscript slides summarizing the McGill competition are available (1-on-1) (4-on-1) .

Results of the Fall 1998 Competition at Aarhus

The Danes won back the peephole title after some very strong peephole optimizers were developed. Thus, the challenge for the McGill Winter 1999 class is to reclaim the title.

The best group beat javac 1.1.5, and four groups beat last year's winner.

Results of the Fall 1999 Competition at McGill

For the first time the groups were provided with scripts for running their benchmarks and counting number of bytes and instructions. On the Fall 1999 McGill Benchmarks the winning group beat javac . Six of the eight groups beat the A+ patterns. Here are the results:

            #bytes #instr

Null 13084 7273
A- 12752 6941
09 11743 6004
04 10187 5307
A+ 9891 5146
07 9416 4877 A+ Buster (Fabien, Paola and Jean Jacques)
03 9114 4713 A+ Buster (Rhodes, Jacek and Alex)
02 9023 4643 A+ Buster (Serge, Haiying and Xinjian)
Fall98(A) 8906 4555
Fall97(A) 8839 4548
05 8814 4523 2nd Runner-up (Othman, Laure and Chloe)
Winter99(Mc) 8752 4499
01 8709 4488 1st Runner-up (Jiexin, Su and Hsun-Cheng)
Winter98(Mc) 8691 4481
Javac (1.1.7) 8659 4371
10 8628 4438 Winner (Feng, Mark and Felix)
Best Comb. 8489 4372

Note that the patterns labelled Best Comb. contain a combination of patterns from all groups.

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