Teaching assistant

This year Jesse Doherty and Nurudeen Lameed are our TAs. Jesse is an M.Sc. student in our lab and Nurudeen is a Ph.D. student, both supervised by Laurie Hendren.
  • Jesse Doherty and Nurudeen Lameed
    • Office Hours: Monday--Friday, 13:00-16:00, McConnell 226, or by appointment.
    • e-mail: jdoher1 [AT] cs [DOT] mcgill [DOT] ca, nlamee [AT] cs [DOT] mcgill [DOT] ca

You should take advantage of the TAs' office hours. Since there are so many hours where one of them is expecting to be in the lab, they are not required to sit at their desk and wait for you, so you should check beforehand that one of them is there if you really need to see someone. Our lab's phone number is 514-398-7071 ext. 00076.

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