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SableCC 3.2 - Read Me

SableCC version 3.2


Welcome to SableCC version 3.2.

Please read this document carefully.



Getting Started


Here are the minimal steps to get SableCC running.

1) If you got sablecc-3.2.tar.gz or (binary packages)

  1. Decompress the file sablecc-3.2.tar.gz or
    	  tar -xzvf sablecc-3.2.tar.gz
    	  jar -xvf
  2. Go into the in sablecc-3.2 directory:
    	  cd sablecc-3.2
  3. You will find an executable sablecc.jar file in the lib directory:
    	  java -jar lib/sablecc.jar

This is it. If you have Ant installed on your system, you can install SableCC with the command:

	ant -Dinstall.dir=destination install

Otherwise, you can manually install SableCC as follow: You should first copy (and edit) the files lib/sablecc.jar and bin/sablecc (GNU/Linux, Mac, Unix) or bin\sablecc.bat (Windows) to an appropriate location, and set your PATH environment variable appropriately.

2) If you got sablecc-3.2-src.tar.gz (source package)

  1. Decompress the file sablecc-3.2-src.tar.gz:
    	  tar -xzvf sablecc-3.2-src.tar.gz
  2. Go into the in sablecc-3.2 directory:
    	  cd sablecc-3.2
  3. If you want an automatic build process, you need to have Ant installed on your system. Simply type:
    	  ant -Dinstall.dir=destination install



SableCC is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can view the copyright notice and the exact terms of the license in the files LICENSE, AUTHORS and COPYING-LESSER.



You can find complete and detailed documentation on the SableCC framework and syntax at the site .

Getting Help


The easiest way of obtaining help is to get on the SableCC mailing-list, by visiting the site . Many SableCC users around the world are already on this mailing-list. This is the best pool of information available to you.

You can also get professional consulting services from J-Meg inc. Simply get in touch with Etienne Gagnon (



You are very welcome to express your appreciation of SableCC. If you would like to make a financial donation to the SableCC project, you can get in touch with Etienne Gagnon ( Thank you in advance.