Course Text

The course text is a special collection of chapters of two very good text books, plus some supplementary material not available in standard text books. We are currently trying to make the books available in the library. If this does not work out then the appropriate material will be presented in more depth or handed out in class. The course text contains extracts from:
  1. Compiler Construction, Kenneth C. Louden, 582 pages
  2. Modern Compiler Implementation in C, Andrew W. Appel, 544 pages
plus, the following documents:
  1. Flex, version 2.5, by Vern Paxson
  2. Bison, The YACC-compatible Parser Generator, November 1995, Version 1.25
  3. SableCC: An Object-Oriented Compiler Framework, M.Sc. Thesis, McGill Unviersity, Etienne Gagnon
  4. A Beginner's Guide to HTML, NCSA
  5. An instantaneous introduction to CGI scripts and HTML forms, The University of Kansas, Michael Grobe
The order of the readings is:

C* resources (in the course pack)
It is expected that each student fully reads C* resources at least once, unless the student is sure that he already has sufficient knowledge about the topic. The content of C* resources is subjects to questions in exercises and the exams.
O* (resources are available online)
These O* resources are mainly here to help students during their projects. Read at your leasure. The contents of O* resources is not subject to exam questions.
C1: Introduction, Louden (Chapter 1), pages 1-30
C2: Lexical Analysis, Appel (Chapter 2) pages 16-38
C3: Context-Free Grammars and Parsing, Louden (Chapter 3), pages 95-142
C4: Parsing, Appel (Chapter 3.2 - 3.5), pages 46-87
C5: Symbol Tables, Louden (Chapter 6.3.1 - 6.3.4), pages 295-308
C6: Data Types and Type Checking, Louden (Chapter 6.4), pages 313-334
O1: Flex, version 2.5, by Vern Paxson
O2: Bison, The YACC-compatible Parser Generator
O3: SableCC, Gagnon (Chapters 3-6)
O4: A Beginner's Guide to HTML
O5: An instantaneous introduction to CGI scripts and HTML forms

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