Peephole contest: rules and prizes

Part of the A+ JOOS project involves the design and implementation of peephole patterns that operate on an intermediate representation of Java bytecode. Each project group submits a collection of peephole patterns that attempts to minimize the number of bytes required by JOOS methods, and these collections then compete against each other. The rules are as follows:
  • Each project group may submit only one entry.

  • An entry is a collection of peephole patterns as defined by the requirements of the A+ project.

  • All unsound patterns are deleted from the collection.

  • A pattern is judged to be unsound by the teaching assistant. A project group may appeal this judgment.

  • Each entry will be tested on the entire collection of benchmark programs generated by the project groups.

  • The patterns will be run in the context of the standard A+ compiler.

  • The winner is the entry that minimizes the combined code size (number of bytes) of methods in the class benchmark programs as measured by the totalbytes script (to be provided).

  • Finally, entries are only accepted until the beginning of week 12 at McGill.

The prizes for 2008 are to be determined. 

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