The Applet

Welcome to the MEC applet.

The documentation for using this applet can be found here.

This applet requires a JDK 1.1-compatible web browser. Netscape 4.05 and higher, as well as Internet Explorer 4 and better, seem to work fine. If your browser does not correctly display this applet, you could try to download the application (see below) for use with Sun JDK 1.1.1 or later, or compatible virtual machines.

Running the Applet

Click here to run the applet online, or if you have Java installed on your computer you can download the application (see below).

Downloading the Application

This applet is also available as a Java application! The advantages of the application are:

To download the Java application, please choose between the following versions:

 JAR File Version 1.0, MECApp.jar
 Individual Classes Version 1.0, MECClasses.tar.gz

Please note that in either version, the main class is called: Main.class
Using the Sun JDK, you might launch the application using:
java -classpath <pathtoMain.class> Main

Happy experimenting!

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by Jacob Eliosoff & Richard Unger, October 1998