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308-420A         Secondary Storage Algorithms and Data Structures         Week 7

                                  Assignment 7

    The telephone book is stored as a hash file ( /course/cs420/data/hash ),
hashed on telephone number modulo 179 for the address of each block. Blocks
contain five records each, in the format of telephone book records, as before,
five per block, with each block terminated by the single byte '\n'.

Overflow is done by linear probing, working cyclically downwards from the home

    Write a Java program to search this file for the telephone numbers 2740594,
4896311, 5222222, and 9377196. Hand in your program and its output.

Optional: change your program to use internet sockets via HostClient, as you
did with Assignment 1. Compare the running times. Try this from home.

Shared marks for shared work: assignments should be your own work; marks
for joint assignments will be divided by the number of collaborators.
But please feel free to work in groups to learn or for extra work that
is not for marks.