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308-420A          Secondary Storage Algorithms and Data Structures        Week 3

                                  Assignment 3

    Write a Java program which merges the two subsets of the telephone book
which are in the files /course/cs420/data/tbook4 and /course/cs420/data/tbook5.
    Count the number of records in the result which a) come from tbook4 without
matching any record in tbook5, b) come from both files as the result of a match,
and c) come from tbook5 without matching any record in tbook 4. DO NOT PRINT OUT

Use the merge logic discussed in class. The two files are not necessarily
sorted: how would you sort them without writing a program or program code?

Optional: change your program to use internet sockets via HostClient, as you
did with Assignment 1. Compare the running times. Try this from home.

Shared marks for shared work: assignments should be your own work; marks
for joint assignments will be divided by the number of collaborators.
But please feel free to work in groups to learn or for extra work that
is not for marks.