Assignment 1:

Write a Fortran 90 program that prints your name and McGill Student ID like this:

My name is Jean Cote and my McGill ID is


(if your ID is 9912345 of course).

It may seem stupid for some of you but this assignment is really intended to introduce you to the complete environment needed to develop and run a FORTRAN 90 program on a microcomputer.

This assignment has to be done in FORTRAN 90, using the LAHEY compiler, which you can download for free from or this is available in the EMF.  See the documentation on the LAHEY website for installation and running programs on your own machine.  Note your FORTRAN 90 source code should be the ELF90 directory with the compiler for easy operation.

     program assign1
     implicit none
! Your Name:
! YOUR MCGILL ID: 99______
! The Assignment Number: 1
      write(*,*)' My name is Jean Cote and my McGill ID is'
!     Your Program -
      write(*,*)'  ......'
!     . . . . .

      end program assign1

You will need to learn how to type in a program, which can be done with any editor (NOTEPAD, WordPad, MS Word, or the editor that is available in the EMF with Lahey 90).  You will also need to learn how to compile, and run your program, and then capture the output.
Once you have satisfied yourself that your program runs correctly, you should E-Mail the FORTRAN 90 source file and the output file to the VisualCM facility for grading.

Tutorials will be given in the EMF (FDA 1) from Monday to Friday mornings from 9 to 10 am.
Make sure you have an EMF access code before you come to the tutorials.

This assignment is due on 26, September (23:00) 1999.
This assignment will be graded out of 20 and has a weight of 10.
Access VisualCM using address HTTP://TINTIN.MPG2.MCGILL.CA/VCM/LOGIN.ASP