McGill University
School of Computer Science

Computer Science 308-203A
Introduction to Computing II

Fall Session, 2000
William F. Renner

Using Java at McGill

Account Activation
All students enrolled in CS classes are given temporary accounts on the network. To activate your account, just go to the computer lab at McConnell 103N or 105N and enter "newuser" as both the user ID and password. The system will step you through the account activation process.

If you have any problems, consult the  SOCS FAQ  or just ask the lab consultant on duty for assistance.

Development Environment
Once your account is activated, you should be able to log onto the Windows NT machines, which have a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called KAWA pre-installed. It is recommended that you perform your development and debugging using this system. Documentation can be found at .


Using Java at Home

Those students who prefer to install Java on their home computer are welcome to do so. The minimum requirement is to install the JDK (Java Developers' Kit), which can be downloaded from:


A reference on the API can be found at: 

The latest release as of the beginning of Fall Term, 2000, is Java 2 version 1.3, which can be downloaded from .

The use of an  IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is highly recommended, but not required. Recommended IDEs are:

Forte has the advantages of being available on Linux and being free (the KAWA download is a trial evalution, but ostensibly fully functional). Of course, you're welcome to find and use any other IDE.

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August 28, 2000