Foundations of Computing
Winter 2016


Yang Cai

Jackie Chi Kit Cheung

Melanie Lyman-Abramovitch

Please consult the Minerva Dynamic Schedule for the most up-to-date scheduling and classroom location information.

Teaching assistants are also available to help you with programming assignments and course concepts. More information to come.


You are permitted to use other development environments to complete coursework, but please ensure the programs you submit for grading compile and run on the PCs found on the third floor of the Trottier building. We (instructors and TAs) do not guarantee that we can help you with environment-related issues if you choose to use an environment other than the ones listed above.

Recommended Textbooks

The order in which material is presented in course lectures does not match any textbook in particular. However, the following books are an excellent resource:

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Java Version.
Available at no cost under the GNU Free Documentation License.