Foundations of Computing -- Course Materials
Winter 2013

Course Overview / Prerequisites

This course introduces students to computer programming; it is aimed at students who have little or no background in the subject. Students do not need to have any knowledge of computer science in general. On the other hand, basic computer skills such as browsing the Web, sending e-mail, creating documents with a Word processor are a valuable asset.
There are no prerequisites for this course other than a basic CEGEP or high-level high-school mathematics course. Attention to detail, rigor, and the ability to think in an abstract manner are essential, whereas knowledge of calculus, algebra, or trigonometry is not.

Course information is organized as follows:

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Jorg Kienzle Dan Pomerantz

Teaching assistants are also available to help you with programming assignments and course concepts. Their contact information is available on myCourses.

Recommended Textbooks

The order in which material is presented in course lectures does not match any textbook in particular. However, the following books are an excellent resource:
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Java Version.
Available at no cost under the GNU Free Documentation License.