B1;2cB COMP-202A Course Materials - Fall 2012
Introduction to Computing 1 -- Lecture Slides Dan
Fall 2012


Lecture slides and related source code will be posted by Dan here.

Dan's Lectures

Date Topic(s)
2012-09-05 Introduction
2012-09-07, 2012-09-10 What is programming? Structure of a Java program.
2012-09-12, 2012-09-14, 2012-09-17, 2012-09-19 Variables, expressions, and types; Reading from the keyboard; Writing to the screen.
  • Unit2
  • Someone in class asked about a recommended program to write Java in for Mac. I forgot to mention in today's class, but a good program (which also works on Windows if you prefer it to notepad++ ) is a program called Dr. Java. You can download and install it at http://drjava.sourceforge.net
  • lecture notes rearranged -This is the lecture note version used in class. It is the same as above but I rearranged the order a little bit. They are identical otherwise
2012-09-21, 2012-09-24, 2012-09-26, 2012-09-28 Using library methods, writing your own methods, if statements, boolean expressions, and comments.
2012-10-05,2012-10-10 ,2012-10-12 Loops and iterative methods: while loops, for loops, nested loops, static variables.
2012-10-15, 2012-10-17, 2012-10-19 Arrays, Basics of reference types, Examples of loops
2012-10-22 through 2012-10-31 Object Oriented Programming basics
2012-11-14, 2012-11-16 More advanced objects/generics: ArrayList, HashSet, HashMap
Week of November 19th Recursion
  • Unit8 (updated March 24th)
  • Fibonacci.txt
  • FibSlow.java (This took 1 hour to run on my computer and calculate fib(55). If you increase the size of the input by 1, I expect it to be 2 hours, increase by 2 is 4 hours, etc. Each time you increase the size by 1 it doubles the size)
  • FibFast.java (This was basically instantaneous to calculate fib(65). The biggest limitation is running into the maximum size of an int. Perhaps we could use long to avoid this issue or at least delay that)
week of November 26th Exception Handling
November 30th until end Review Examples