Introduction to Computing 1 -- Lecture Slides Xue
Winter 2012


Lecture slides and related source code will be posted by Xue here.

Xue's Lectures

Date Topic(s)
2012-01-10, 2012-01-12 (approximate) Introduction
  • (lecture)
  • Running a program
  • You can download this version directly. If you cut and paste in to notepad then make sure to be careful that the file is exactly and not or or ""
If you are having trouble finding the jdk 6 for windows 64 bit systems on the new layout of the page, you can try the following link.
    2012-01-12, 2012-01-17 Planning; Basics on Computer memory; Basic Java structure
    • Unit1 (full versoin) Note that we will not go through these full slides in class. However, I suggest you read through them. The most important stuff (which we will do in class) is below in the shorter version. A lot of the stuff in these notes is useful stuff to keep in mind while programming.
    • Unit1 (lecture version)
    2012-01-17, 2012-01-19, 2012-01-24 Variables, expressions, and types; Reading from the keyboard; Writing to the screen.
    2012-01-24, 2012-01-26, 2012-01-31 Using library methods, writing your own methods, if statements, boolean expressions, and comments.
    • Unit3 (Please note this is the corrected version. There was a typo in the orignal posted slides. i.e. in slide # 69-72, for the example "if statements in Java : Example", line 5 should be "int number = reader.nextInt();" instead of "int number = scanner.nextInt();")
    2012-01-31, 2012-02-02, 2012-02-07 Loops and iterative methods: while loops, for loops, nested loops, static variables.
    2012-02-07, 2012-02-09, 2011-02-14, 2012-02-16 Arrays, Basics of reference types, Examples of loops
    2012-02-16 Assignment 2 Tutorial
    2012-02-16, 2012-02-28, 2012-03-01, 2012-03-08,2012-03-03, 2012-03-15 Object Oriented Programming basics
    2012-03-14 Assignment 3 Tutorial
    2012-03-20, 2012-03-27 More advanced objects/generics: ArrayList, HashSet (optional), HashMap (optional)
    2012-03-22, 2012-03-29 Recursion
    2012-04-03, 2012-04-05 Exception Handling
    2012-04-05, 2012-04-05 Assignment 4 Tutorial
    2012-04-10, 2012-04-12 Final Exam Review