B1;2cB0;136;0c COMP-202A Course Materials - Winter 2012
Introduction to Computing 1 -- Course Materials
Winter 2012


Specifications, supporting files and solutions to all assignments will be posted here as they become available.

General Assignment Material

There are two files to read over before submitting an assignment. The first are instructions for assignment submission. These regulations you must follow or else risk losing many points on the assignment. There is also a 2nd file, which is programming guidelines. The purpose of this file is to take some of the useful guidelines and tips that were originally in the instructions file and separate them. These are things that you should follow as closesly as you can. However, failure to do so will only result in a few points deducted (if any) as the guidelines are not always easy to follow and are often subjective. In otherwords, the file Instructions (instructions.pdf) has to do with COMP-202 regulations that you must follow in order to make grading as easy as possible. These will be things such as submitting your assignment on WebCT, submitting it ontime, etc. The ProgrammingStandards.pdf file contains general guidelines that are good to keep in mind while programming and are not COMP-202 specific.

Assignment 1

Due SUNDAY, January 29nd, 23:30. (It was awful to make the assignment due on Friday!)

Assignment 2

Due Updated: Wednesday, February 22nd, 23:30.

Assignment 3

Due Updated: Monday, March 19th, 23:30.

Assignment 4

Due date: Monday, April 16th, 23:30.