Teaching McGill

COMP-547B 2018
Cryptography and Data Security

COMP-330A 2017

COMP-251A 2016
Algorithms and Data Structures

COMP-102A 2014
Computers and Computing.

COMP-647B 2012
Advanced Cryptography

COMP-649A 2009
Quantum Cryptography

COMP-250B 2004
Introduction to Computer Science

online presentations

MSRI: Quantum Information Processing conference Dec 2002
A length n QECC probabilistically correcting (n-1)/2 arbitary errors

MSRI: Quantum Information and Cryptography workshop, Nov 2002
Authentication of quantum messages

CRM summer school on quantum computing 2002
an Introduction to Theoretical Quantum CRYPTOGRAPHY

DIMACS workshop on "cryptographic protocols in complex networks" 2002
Secure Multi-party Quantum Computations

AMQ camp mathématiques secondaire et collégial 2002
exposé de Rubikology

CCÉM / CUMC 2001 Université Laval
cryptographic identification

Enseignement l'Université de Montréal

Cours IFT2102
Introduction à l'informatique théorique

Cours IFT2121
Introduction à l'Algorithmique

Cours IFT6170
Théorie des Codes

Cours IFT6180
Cryptographie: theorie et pratique