McGill's Computation and Logic (Complogic) Group is the team behind Beluga, focused on developing a theoretical and practical foundation for building and reasoning about software systems. Research areas include logic and programming languages, type theory, logical frameworks and software verification.


Brigitte Pientka

McGill University


Andreas Abel

Chalmers and Gothenburg University

Amy Felty

University of Ottawa

Dale Miller

INRIA Futurs/École Polytechnique

Alberto Momigliano

University of Milan

Stefan Monnier

Université de Montréal

Aleksandar Nanevski


Frank Pfenning

Carnegie Mellon University

Carsten Schürmann

IT University of Copenhagen


Nicolas Jeannerod

(Ecole Normale Superieur Paris)

Agata Murawska

(IT University of Copenhagen)

Graduate Students

Jacob Errington (MSc)

Aliya Hameer (MSc)

Stefan Knudsen (MSc)

David Thibodeau (PhD)

Past McGill Students

Andrew Cave (PhD ABS, now at Nuance)

Francisco Ferreira (PhD, now at Imperial College)

Shawn Otis (MSc)

Olivier Savary-Belanger (MSc, now at Princeton)

Rohan Jacob-Rao (MSc, now at Digital Asset)

Sherry Shanshan Ruan (BSc, now at Stanford)

Past Postdocs

Matthias Puech

Tao Xue

Mathieu Boespflug

Joshua Dunfield