The Bernard Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merits in the Mathematical Sciences is awarded by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic to distinguished scientists who have considerably contributed to the development of the whole field, and who have fruitfully collaborated with researchers in the Czech Republic.

Some previous recipients have been Sergei L. Sobolev 1981, Gene Golub 1994, Juris Hartmanis 1995, Ivo Babuska 1996, Lotfi A. Zadeh 1997, Laslo Lovasz 1998, and Dana Scott 2001.

Among the comments in the August 2004 presentation to Chris Paige were the following:

``During many years of his professional career at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Professor Paige invented several key computational methods and algorithms, with applications in many areas of science and engineering, including computational statistics. Equally important and innovative are his analyses of behaviour of various methods. His work on numerical stability of iterative methods is truly pioneering. With no exaggeration, he has built up the foundations of the whole field.''