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  • COMP 350 Fall
    Numerical Computing
  • COMP 540 Fall
    Matrix Computations
  • COMP 642 Winter
    Numerical Estimation
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    Routines for solving the overdetermined box-constrained integer least squares problem $$ \min_{\boldsymbol{x}\in \mathbb{Z}^n,\ \boldsymbol{l} \leq \boldsymbol{x}\leq \boldsymbol{u}}\|\boldsymbol{y}-\boldsymbol{B}\boldsymbol{x}\|_2, $$ where \(\boldsymbol{B}\) is a real matrix with full column rank, y is a real vector, and \(\boldsymbol{l}\) and \(\boldsymbol{u}\) are integer vectors (note: entries of \(\boldsymbol{l}\) can be \(-\infty\) and entries of \(\boldsymbol{u}\) can be \(\infty\)) (June 2016):

    obils.m (driver routine), obils_reduction.m, obils_search.m

    Contributors: Xiao-Wen Chang, Xiangyu Ren, Jiequn Shen

    The routines use the algorithms proposed in the following papers:

    [1] S. Breen and X.-W. Chang. Column Reordering for Box-constrained Integer Least Squares Problems, Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM 2011, 6 pages.

    [2] X.-W. Chang and Q. Han. Solving Box-Constrained Integer Least Squares Problems, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 7 (2008), pp. 277-287.