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The 20th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry
August 13-15, 2008

List of Accepted Papers

1Adrian DumitrescuOn distinct distances among points in general position and other related problems
2Adrian Dumitrescu and Minghui JiangMonochromatic simplices of any volume
3Alex Benton and Joseph O'RourkeA Class of Convex Polyhedra with Few Edge Unfoldings
4Benoit Hudson and Duru TürkogluAn Efficient Query Structure for Mesh Refinement
5Christian Wulff-NilsenComputing the Stretch Factor of Paths, Trees, and Cycles in Weighted Fixed Orientation Metrics
6Dania El-Khechen, John Iacono and Thomas FevensPartitioning a Polygon into Two Mirror Congruent Pieces
7Deepanjan Kesh and Shashank MehtaPolynomial irreducibility testing through Minkowski summand computation
8Don Sheehy, Gary Miller and Todd PhillipsLinear-Size Meshes
9Eric McCreathPartial Matching of Planar Polygons Under Translation and Rotation
10Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine and Vi HartComputational Balloon Twisting: The Theory of Balloon Polyhedra
11Esther Arkin, Joondong Kim, Irina Kostitsyna, Joseph Mitchell and Girishkumar SabhnaniThe Embroidery Problem
12Gerhard Guettler and Colin MallowsA generalization of Apollonian packing of circles
13Greg Aloupis, Jean Cardinal, Sebastien Collette, Ferran Hurtado, Stefan Langerman and Joseph O'RourkeDraining a Polygon--or--Rolling a Ball out of a Polygon
14Greg Aloupis, Prosenjit Bose, Vida Dujmovic, Chris Gray, Stefan Langerman and Bettina SpeckmannTriangulating and Guarding Realistic Polygons
15Hamid Reza Chitsaz, Steven M. LaValle and Jason O'KaneExact Pareto-Optimal Coordination of Two Translating Polygonal Robots on a Cyclic Roadmap
16Hamid Zarrabi-ZadehCore-Preserving Algorithms
17Henk Meijer, Yurai Núñez Rodríguez and David RappaportOn the Complexity of Point Recolouring in Geometric Graphs
18James KingVC-Dimension of Visibility on Terrains
19Jeff Sember and William EvansGuaranteed Voronoi Diagrams of Uncertain Sites
20Jérémy Barbay and Eric Y, ChenConvex Hull of the Union of Convex Objects in the Plane: an Adaptive Analysis
21Jihui Zhao and william steigerGeneralized Ham-Sandwich Cuts for Well Separated Point Sets
22Joachim Giesen, Madhusudan Manjunath and Michael EigensatzThe Solution Path of the Slab Support Vector Machine
23Jonathan Derryberry, Don Sheehy, Maverick Woo and Danny SleatorAchieving Spatial Adaptivity while Finding Approximate Nearest Neighbors
24Joseph O'Rourke, Perouz Taslakian and Godfried ToussaintA Pumping Lemma for Homometric Rhythms
25Karim Abu Affash and Matthew J. KatzImproved Bounds on the Average Distance to the Fermat-Weber Center of a Convex Object
26Khaled Elbassioni and Hans Raj TiwaryOn a Cone Covering Problem
27Maia Fraser, Evangelos Kranakis and Jorge UrrutiaMemory Requirements for Local Geometric Routing and Traversal in Digraphs
28Manjish PalThe Focus of Attention Problem Revisited
29Marcus Schaefer, Eric Sedgwick and Daniel StefankovicComputing Dehn Twists and Geometric Intersection Numbers in Polynomial Time
30Marek Karpinski and Yakov NekrichSearching for Frequent Colors in Rectangles
31Mashhood Ishaque, Diane Souvaine and Nadia BenbernouData Structures for Restricted Triangular Range Searching
32Mina Razaghpour and Anna LubiwThe Steiner Ratio for Obstacle-Avoiding Steiner Trees
33Mohammad Ali Abam, Mark de Berg and Sheung-Hung PoonFault-Tolerant Conflict-Free Coloring
34Mohammad Moharrami and Avner MagenOn the nonexistence of dimension reduction for $\ell2_2$ metrics
35Mojtaba Nouri Bygi and Mohammad GhodsiPolar Diagram of Moving Objects
36Natasa Jovanovic, Jan Korst and Augustus J.E.M. JanssenMinimum blocking sets of circles for a set of lines in the plane
37Oswin Aichholzer, Ruy Fabila-Monroy, David Flores-Peñaloza, Thomas Hackl, Clemens Huemer and Jorge UrrutiaEmpty Monochromatic Triangles
38Ovidiu Daescu and Anastasia KurdiaPolygonal Chain Simplification with Small Angle Constraints
39Peter DamaschkeCompetitive Search for Longest Empty Intervals
40Priya Ranjan Sinha Mahapatra, Partha P. Goswami and Sandip DasMaximal Covering by Two Isothetic Unit Squares
41Prosenjit Bose, Joseph O'Rourke, Chang Shu and Stefanie WuhrerIsometric Morphing of Triangular Meshes
42Prosenjit Bose, Stefan Langerman and Sasanka RoySmallest enclosing circle centered on a query line segment
43Qiaosheng Shi and Binay BhattacharyaApplication of computational geometry to network p-center location problems
44Ravi Janardan, Prosenjit Gupta, Yokesh Kumar and Michiel SmidData Structures for Range-Aggregate Extent Queries
45Reza Dorrigiv and Alejandro Lopez-OrtizAdaptive Searching in One and Two Dimensions
46Ryuhei UeharaPolygons Folding to Plural Incongruent Orthogonal Boxes
47Selim Akl, Kamrul Islam and Henk MeijerDirect Planar Tree Transformation and Counterexample
48Stefan Naeher and Daniel SchmittA Framework for Multi-Core Implementations of Divide and Conquer Algorithms and its Application to the Convex Hull Problem
49Subhas Nandy, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya and Bhargab B. BhattacharyaRecognition of Largest Empty Orthoconvex Polygon in a Point Set
50Svetlana Stolpner, Jonathan Lenchner, Giuseppe Liotta, David Bremner, Christophe Paul, Marc Pouget and Stephen WismathA note on alpha-drawable k-trees
51Youichi Fujimoto, Mitsuo Motoki and Ryuhei UeharaInverting Linkages with Stretch
52Yurai Núñez Rodríguez, Henry Xiao, Kamrul Islam and Waleed AlsalihA Distributed Algorithm for Computing Voronoi Diagram in the Unit Disk Graph Model