Hi there! I'm Caroline. I'm an undergraduate student at McGill majoring in Computer Science. I'm interested in Computer Science Education, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Design, and Quantum Computing. I'm an undergraduate research assistant in the Software Evolution Research Group

I'm the Vice President of Communications for McGill's Computer Science Undergraduate Society. Outside of school, I like to tutor, learn languages, and travel. My blog.



University of Bologna
Web Technologies
June 2018
productiv, helping busy people organize their time.
Mobile-first approach, web application. productiv
github repository

Exploratory study on children learning to program

Software Evolution Research Group
School of Computer Science, McGill University
Principal Investigator, Undergraduate Research Assistant
May 2017 - Present
The study examines children in grade 5 who are learning to program in a professional environment.
Interested in participating? Click here for more information. Email Caroline directly with any questions at caroline.berger2@mail.mcgill.ca.

Slack Notification Priority System

Human-Computer Interaction course with Professor Cooperstock, McGill University
September 2017 - Present
Group Project: Juliette Valenchon, Thomas Labourdette
Personalizer and prioritizer of Slack notifications based on user's preferences and message content. Exploiting an user centered, iterative design process, we first conducted an observational study, observing Slack users conducting tasks such as responding to messages while multitasking. With the observations, we created audience segments. In the next phase, we built a paper prototype and tested it with personas we identified in the first phase. We revised our initial design based on feedback from these user studies and developed a Computer Prototype. We designed a second user study to be carried out by other members of the class and we are awaiting results from this user study as well as a Heuristic Evaluation from the other group. We are now working on our Alpha System. All members are actively involved in all parts of the project. Specifically, Caroline has dedicated more time to programming compared to the other group members.

This is our High Fidelity Prototype, you can download and run it (it's a jar).

Programming Language Learning Tool

Software Evolution Research Group
School of Computer Science, McGill University
Honours Project in Computer Science
January 2017 - May 2017
Eclipse plugin aimed to help students learn to program.
Poster presented at MOSSER, May 2017 (Montreal Symposium on Software Engineering Research).
Presentation of tool presented at HackMcGill Lightning Talk and for course credit.

Introductory Video of Programming Language Learning Tool:

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