An approximation to the schedule is below. By approximation I mean that I will make an attempt to follow it, but no guarantees. The problems which you should do are part of the table. The problems should not be handed in-they are intended to help you prepare for the midterm and final exams. You can do them with classmates, as this is a great way to learn.

Date Topic Problems
September 2 Introduction to OS 3,7,19,20,28
September 7 Introduction to OS
September 9 Processes and Threads
September 14 Processes and Threads
September 16 Processes and Threads
September 21 Processes and Threads
September 23 Processes and Threads 26,33,29,31,44,46,47
September 28 Processes and Threads
September 30 Memory Manangement
October 5 Memory Manangement
October 7 Memory Manangement
October 12 Memory Manangement 7,9,10,11,15,26,29,33
October 14 MIDTERM
October 19 File Systems
October 21 File Systems 11,14,19,20,21,27,33,32
October 26 Input/Output
October 28 Input/Output 12,15,21,8,25
November 2 Deadlocks
November 4 Multiprocessor OS
November 9 Multiprocessors OS
November 11 Multiprocessor OS
November 16 Multiprocessor OS
November 18 Security
November 23 Security
November 25 Security
November 30 Multimedia OS
December 2 Multimedia OS