Here are the programming assignments as promised. You will hand in assignments via a hand-in facility. For a description of how to use it see http://wocsinfo.cs.mcgill.ca/wiki.Handin You can make use of the labs in Trottier in doing these assignments. These machines support Ubuntu Linux version 10).

Please note that there will be a series of tutorials on Linux. You can find a schedule of when and where they are to be given at http://socsinfo.cs.mcgill.ca/wiki/Unix_Seminars>

There are some good C tutuorials on the web which you might wish to avail yourself of. Here are a couple:

  1. http://www.strath.ac.uk/IT/Docs/Ccourse
  2. http://www.lysator.liu.se/c/bwk-tutor.html

For C FAQ:http://www/eskimo.com/~scs/C-faq/top.html

For GDB (GNU Debugger)
http://arioch.unomaha.edu/~jclark/gdb plus.html

The assignments for this course are individual. Talk to your colleagues, but don't hand in the same project(s). My policy for copying is simple: all of the parties get a zero on the assignment, and I don't want to hear any stories. Same policy if the solution comes via a third party on the web.

The lateness policy for projects is simple. The projects must be on time; no excuses (documented medical excuses are an exception). You get a zero if they are late. So, turn in your code in whatever state it happens to be by the deadline. It will be read through and graded. Just because a semi-colon is missing does not mean that you get a bad grade.

And now a word from our institution. "McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (see www.mcgill.ca/integrity for more information)."

  1. Project 1.Due date:Friday, September 23, 11:59 PM
  2. Project 2 Due date:,Fridaty, October 21, 11:59 PM
  3. Project 3 Due date:Friday,
  4. Project 4 Due date:Friday,
  5. Project 5 Due date: