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Distributed Algorithms Papers

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An Optimal Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion in Computer Networks

ricart-agrawala pseudocode

Detecting Termination of Disributed Computations Using Markers

An improved algorithm for decentralized extrema-finding in circular configurations of processors

An O(nlogn) Unidirectional Distributed Algorithm for Ectrema Finding in a Circle

Decentralized Extrema Finding in Circular configuration of processors

Time,Clocks and Ordering of Events in a Distributed System

Termination Detection of Diffusing Computations

Derivation of a termination detection algorithm for distributed computations

A Distributed Solution of the Distributed Termination Problem

Distributed Deadlock Detection

A Distributed Graph Algorithm:Knot Detection

Distributed Snapshots

On Distributed Snapshots

Efficient Algorithms for Distributed Snapshots and GVT Computation

Distributed Shortest Path

Depth Parallel Operations on a Distributed Graph

Distributed Algorithm for Minimum Weight Spanning Trees

The Byzantine Generals Problem

Impossibility of distributed concensus with one faulty process