The papers which we will read and the text/slides are in the table below.

Date Paper Slides
January 20 Computing GVT in Shared Memory Multiprocessors 10/21/05 and 10/12/05
January 25 An Efficient GVT Computation Using Snapshots
January 27 An Empirical Evaluation of Performance-Memory Tradeoffs in Time Warp
February 1
Febrary 3 The Dyanamic Load Balancing of Clustered Time Warp for Logic Simulation
February 8 Large Scale TCP Models Using Optimistic Parallel Simulation
February 10
February 15 On Checkpointing and Rolling Back in Time Warp
February 17 DVS:An Object Oriented System for Distributed Verilog Simulationi
February 22
February 24
March 1
March 3
March 8
March 10
March 15
March 17
March 22
March 24
March 29
March 31
April 5
April 7