Bellairs Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory

Tentative Workshop Schedule.

Sunday 13th April.
8am: Breakfast

·  9-9:30am: Rahul Savani “The Complexity of the Simplex Method”

·  9:30-10am: Kamesh Munagala “Competitive Algorithms from Competitive Equilibria

·  10:15-10:45am: Jason Hartline “Reverse Mechanism Design”
·  10:45-11:15am: Nick Gravin “Competitive Analysis: How to Play with Your Benchmarks”

11:30 am: Open Problem Session I

Research and Discussion Time

6pm: Dinner

·  7pm: Kevin Leyton-Brown TBA

Monday 14th April.
8am: Breakfast


·  9-9:30am: Adrian Vetta "On the Hardness of Selling Beach-Front Property in Barbados"

·  9:30-10am: Linda Farczadi “A Problem on Three Dimensional Stable Matchings

·  10:15-10:45am: Chaitanya Swamy " Welfare Maximization and Truthfulness in Mechanism Design with Ordinal Preferences"
  10:45-11:15am: Vasilis Syrgkanis "A Unifying Hierarchy of Valuations with Complements and Substitutes

Research and Discussion Time

6pm: Dinner

·  7pm: Ruta Mehta "Resolving Complexity of Constant Rank Bimatrix Games"

Tuesday 15th April.
8am: Breakfast


·  9-9:30am: Felix Fischer “Optimal Impartial Selection”

·  9:30-10am: Yogesh Anbalagan " Polylogarithmic supports are required for Approximate Well Supported Nash Equilibria below 2/3"
·  10am-10:30am: Aviad Runbinstein: "The Complexity of Fairness through Equilibrium"

·  10:45-11:15am: Constantinos Daskalakis “Duality and Revenue Maximization in a Multiple-Good Monopoly”
·  11:15-11:45am: Hu Fu TBA

Research and Discussion Time

6pm: Dinner

·  7pm: Christos Papadimitriou TBA

Wednesday 16th April.
8am: Breakfast


·  9-9:30am: Martin Gairing " Price of Stability in Congestion Games"

·  9:30-10am: Denis Nekipelov TBA

·  10:15-10:45am: Matt Weinberg "Algorithms for Strategic Agents"

·  10:45-11:15am: Yang Cai "Simultaneous Bayesian Auctions and Computational Complexity"


11:30am: Open Problem Session II

Research and Discussion Time

6pm: Dinner

·  7pm: Nicole Immorlica TBA

Thursday 17th April.
8am: Breakfast


·  9-9:30am: Greg Stoddard “Social Status and Badge Design”

·  9:30-10am: Vahab Mirrokni TBA

·  10:15-10:45am: Chris Wilkens “GSP Beyond Seperability: Issues in Iterated Auctions”
·  10:45-11:15am: Sam Taggart “First-Price Auctions: An Archetype for Analysis”

Research and Discussion Time

Evening: Workshop Banquet